INCBA’s legal educational program consists of high-quality legal education presented by expert attorneys at the top of their respective fields. Our program content is wide-ranging, relevant, and addresses everything from the foundation of the cannabis movement to the most topical issues affecting clients in all aspects of the cannabis industry. By providing information the cannabis bar needs to become fluent in the issues that affect industry clients, the National Cannabis Bar Association serves that the educational hub for cannabis attorneys across the United States and Worldwide.

The 2020 Weekly Briefing Series features thought leaders from every corner of the cannabis industry giving their informal thoughts on pending issues in the industry. These are free to members and, while they will not offer CLE credit, they will provide a glimpse into what we are seeing as an industry, the issues that our clients are bringing to us, and how to best serve the industry on an ongoing basis.

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INCBA Briefings:

April 21: Capital Markets and Deal Flow

Join David Feldman of Hiller PC, and Christopher Davis of INCBA, for an informal discussion on what is going on with capital markets, deal flow, and liquidity in the Cannabis Industry.

The Cannabis industry is seeing dramatic reductions in capital markets and M&A activity. Come to hear about the shift from the historic M&A Market to the present activity – almost entirely public companies buying private ones. Financing activities are focused on raising debt for public companies, and the valuations and terms are getting more and more painful. For a more in depth look, join us Tuesday!

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Covid 19 and the Essential Business Designation

Join Lara DeCaro, Lauren Mendelsohn, Lauren Rudick, and Liz Barket Kremser for a discussion of what they are seeing in response to the Covid crisis. From essential businesses to force majeure clauses, we are seeing states, municipalities, and counties dealing with the crisis as it relates to cannabusiness in different ways. Get up to date on where different jurisdictions are coming out, and

Cash Management in the Time of Covid

Join INCBA CFO Tom Bodin, and CLE Committee Member Rod Kight, for a discussion of tips and strategies for keeping your firm open and your employees employed during this unprecedented time. This candid conversation is intended for attorneys, and is free to INCBA members, and will focus on firm cash management, preparing for the upcoming uncertainty, and special reference to bailout funds for attorneys and other non-plant-touching professionals.

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