A Bar Association You  Want to Join

Originally founded in 2015 as the National Cannabis Bar Association, we are a community of lawyers for lawyers. In 2019, in response to an incredible amount of interest in cross-border transactions and membership from our colleagues abroad, we evolved into the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) to serve local, state, national, and international practices across the globe.

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Our purpose is to support lawyers in their practice of law as they serve all aspects of the cannabis and related industries. We strive to make the practice of law in the cannabis industry more efficient through our educational programs and substantive resources, including our CLEs, our blog, and our membership forum. We strive to make the practice of law more secure through our efforts to apprise our colleagues of the ethical and legal implications of practicing law in this industry, and through our advocacy to change applicable rules to facilitate robust and excellent legal representation for cannabis market participants. And we strive to increase accessibility to through-leaders, policy makers, pro bono opportunities related to non-profit advocacy, and business opportunities for all of our members through our social events, our extended network, and our leadership.

As part of our robust set of programs, we welcome non-attorney companies to join the association as an Allied Services Partner, which offers many of the same benefits available to our attorney members. Our Allied Services Partners demonstrate a commitment to improving the legal services available to the cannabis industry, and often find that an open conduit to the legal profession can support name recognition and product adoption for lawyers and their clients alike.

Local, State, National, and International

We find that by combining practitioners that operate on a local, state, national, and international geographical basis into a single association, our members reap benefits greater than the sum of our parts. The practice of law in the cannabis industry is inherently local, with many jurisdictions requiring both state and municipal licensing or authorization. And yet, in the United State, we must always keep our fingers on the pulse of federal legalization, and our US and Non-US members alike must track evolutions in international law and cross-border activity to stay abreast of the most-current legal landscape.

By providing a hub where local, state, national, and international practitioners can share information, we are able to stay ahead of our clients’ needs, no matter what those may be. Local practitioners helping to set up a single retail dispensary may be required to address local land use and zoning requirements, establish compliance with a state-level regulatory regime,  negotiate a lease that implicates federal law, establish a supply chain that sources non-plant touching material (such as packaging) from another jurisdiction, and provide a scalable regulatory compliance program for their client.

The INCBA’s vast network of practitioners from a multitude of different practice areas and jurisdictions can help you solve your clients’ legal issues without you needing to expand your practice or associating with a lawyer you don’t know. Our educational programs pull out issues that are common no matter what the local jurisdiction, to help you approach your clients’ legal issues with a set of best practices that come from the leading practitioners across the world. From transactional work, to regulatory compliance, to litigation, INCBA provides what your practice needs to stay ahead of the curve in this exciting industry.

Cannabis Legalization & Advocacy Around the World

Cannabis legalization remains the single largest impediment for most lawyers considering offering services to the cannabis industry (despite the fact that in most jurisdictions, the representation of cannabis-industry market participants in the capacity as a lawyer will not subject an attorney to either professional discipline or criminal liability).

We understand that there are different timelines to cannabis and hemp legalization around the world, and support the legalization of cannabis and the implementation of socially responsible, efficient, and productive regulations to spur the overall success of the cannabis industry. The wide breadth of experience and expertise within the association aids in additional jurisdictions’ adoption of common-sense regulation based on experience and the relative successes and failures of existing regulated markets.

The fall of cannabis prohibition will increase opportunities for our members, both through growth of existing companies and the entrance of new market participants. While none of us can be sure when cannabis prohibition will end in a given jurisdiction, INCBA will be there to provide up-to-date resources based on years of experience.

Learn More About the Heart of INCBA:

  • Boards of Directors – The Governing Board is elected by the INCBA membership and represents a diverse set of attorneys from a myriad of substantive legal backgrounds, each of which offers a unique benefit to the association.
  • Advisory Board – Our Advisory Board is elected by the Governing Board and includes private practice lawyers from big and small firms alike, in-house counsel, lawyers with a long history of advocacy, academics, and representatives from outside the U.S.
  • Staff – Our staff are the driving force behind massive growth in membership over the years as well as the hugely successful Cannabis Law InstituteSM and other INCBA networking events.
  • Committees – The hallmark of membership involvement in our association is the committees. Through our committees, we are able to engage the legal community and accomplish many of our essential functions.