Amicus Committee – April 2021

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Amicus Committee – April 2021

The INCBA Amicus Committee has been re-launched with Shane Pennington and Chelsie Spencer at the helm as Co-Chairs.

INCBA has previously drafted two amicus briefs, one in the case of Jessica McElfresh concerning attorney client privilege in the cannabis industry, and the second in the Supreme Court petition for ceroarti in the Washington v. Sessions (Barr) case.

INCBA amicus efforts were previously subsumed in the mission of the INCBA Leading Issues Committee, which is intended to identify and address issues that fundamentally impact the practice of law as it relates to the cannabis industry. As the industry has grown over the past few years, so too have the number of important cases pending, and the need to address each of those cases with the attention they deserve.

The committee is currently identifying additional members, individuals and firms that can write briefs, and identifying the first cases in which INCBA should potentially participate as an amicus party.