Cannabis in Switzerland – a Global Overview

Switzerland currently has the most industry-friendly cannabis laws in Europe. For example, products that contain less than one percent THC are not considered narcotics. As a result, these low THC products can be bought and sold legally in the country. Thanks to this exemption, Switzerland has one of the most active and mature CBD markets in the world.

Consumption of cannabis products containing over one percent of THC is still illegal in Switzerland. Recently, however, the country has softened its stance on cannabis possession and use. In 2021, Switzerland established a pilot project designed to test the socioeconomic aspects of cannabis in areas such as employment, family, and public safety. In the pilot project, adult-use cannabis can be legally distributed to registered users. If successful, the project could lead to Switzerland leading the way in a fully legalized market for adult-use cannabis.

On the medical cannabis side, the Swiss Parliament recently adopted an amendment to the Narcotics Act that allows doctors to prescribe cannabis without special permission. The amendment also sets up a formal infrastructure for cannabis licensing in Switzerland. Some analysts believe this infrastructure could be the first step toward running a recreational cannabis trial via the country’s pharmacies.

Join moderator Kai-Friedrich Niermann and speaker Daniel Haymann as they explore the rapidly changing cannabis regulations of Switzerland. Niermann is a corporate attorney in Germany with extensive knowledge of emerging cannabis markets, He is also the creator of the blog and a frequent speaker on the legal cannabis framework in Europe. Haymann is a corporate attorney who established the first dedicated cannabis law practice in Switzerland. He advises firms in all aspects of the cannabis industry, including regulatory matters.

This one-hour session will touch on the legal framework of recreational and medicinal cannabis in Switzerland and provide a high-level overview of the newest developments, the challenges, as well as the opportunities in Switzerland’s dynamic cannabis market. Clearly, the cannabis industry in Switzerland is rapidly evolving. Those who want to participate as the country tests the legalization waters need to be well versed in both the current and potential future laws surrounding cannabis in Switzerland.