Financing & Investment (CLI 2018)

Bank loans, private equity, 506(d) – let us help you understand  the best way for your clients to raise money for each step in the lifecycle of their company, from seed to growth to exit, always with an eye towards the ultimate goals of your client, whether that is long term ownership, an international presence, […]

Getting to Know You: Due Diligence (CLI 2018)

Whether your client is investing, seeking investment, considering a new business partner, or entering into a long-term sales contract, it is imperative to conduct due diligence of any prospective counterpart. In this industry, more than any other, you can’t take a potential new collaborator at face value.  Learn what to look for, red flags, and signs […]

The Legal and Business Case for Diversity (CLI 2018)

Legalizing cannabis presents an opportunity to address and eliminate the legacy of racial injustices spurred by cannabis prohibition. However, despite strong moral, business, and legal reasons for equality practices to flourish, the communities most harmed by prohibition are benefiting the least from legalization. This panel of diversity experts will provide lessons learned from industries and […]

Government Relations on the Federal Level (CLI 2018)

We’ve made progress, but much remains to be done. Lawyers are advocates, but lobbyists are an entirely different animal. Learn about where we are as an industry, the politicians on our side, and how we are moving the ball forward on the federal level what are the best avenues for you and your clients to […]

The Future of Medical Cannabis (CLI 2018)

In states that have passed adult-use regulations on top of their medical regimes, we’ve seen a convergence of the regulatory requirements that, in some cases, effectively eliminate the bifurcated market. As more states’ adult use markets come online, will we see the importance of the medical market diminish? Is there – and indeed, should there be – […]

Conflicts of Interest (CLI 2018)

Jeffrey Merk (Aird Berlis) Omar Figueroa (Law Offices of Omar Figueroa)Conflicts of interest concerns are present in every practice of law, but special concerns exist when lawyers are representing cannabis clients. Review traditional conflicts checks as they would apply in normal industries, then take a look at the unique concerns facing attorneys that practice in […]

Lessons Learned from Other Regulated Industries (CLI 2018)

Examine other highly regulated industries and how the cannabis industry can learn from their existing and emerging issues. From recalls of agricultural products to HIPPA in healthcare to the distribution model in alcohol and the marketing restrictions in tobacco/alcohol. Why relearn the lessons others have already learned? Panelists (speaker bios):Mary Shapiro (Evoke Law)Will Woodlee (Kleinfeld, Kaplan, […]

Business Initiatives: Taxation & Banking (CLI 2018)

Take a deeper look at banking and tax policy surrounding the cannabis industry, including 280-E, best practices for navigating current laws, and which policy changes could provide the industry relief. Panelists (speaker bios):Aaron Smith, (NCIA)Henry Wykowski (Wykowski & Associates)Tom W. Sellers (Chief Compliance Officer)Roy Schultheis (Sr. Advisor, Carlos Curbelo)Colin Anonsen (Representative Ed Perlmutter) Materials:Slide Deck […]

Corporate Governance (CLI 2018)

Basic governance is paramount in the cannabis industry, and is required for basic legal protections like the limited liability that comes with the creation of a business entity. While most clients understand the importance of limited liability and protections stemming from the corporate form, they often put those protections in jeopardy based on their behavior. […]