Diversity Committee – July Update!

Diversity Committee – July Update!

The Diversity Committee, headed up by Yvette McDowell and Allen Paxton, has a great meeting this July, and Accomplished the following!

First, the committee welcomed new INCBA Board Member Amber Littlejohn as the Board Liasian to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Second, the Committee finalized our committee mission statement:

“Building a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse cannabis community to address the urgent need for awareness, collaboration, and representation for communities marginalized by the war on drugs, discrimination, and suppression.”

Third, the committee discussed the newly released Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and determined to support the federal working group in their efforts to analyze the draft proposal and make recommendations regarding the equity provisions thereof.

Lastly, we discussed the MCBA’s project regarding the analysis of state level equity programs in preparation for their policy summit to refresh the state model policy provisions – a project INCBA members were excited to support and see the results of!

More to come next meeting!