Events Going Into Q4 2021!

The events committee has a couple of great announcements!

First, congratulations to Corinne Celko and Christopher Takemoto-Gentile for taking the mantle of the INCBA Events Committee Co-Chairs!

Second, we are super excited to have ironed out the direction for the INCBA Events Committee for the second half of the year – if you want to get involved, fill out the committee application here.

The Events committee will continue to focus on both our virtual and our in-person events, but will shift our focus on in-person events to smaller, regional and community events, while leaving the planning of our larger national events to the INCBA Operations Team.

While Covid has become a normalized part of life at this point, we recognize that different variants may continue to arise. For those of us that have children or immunocompromised individuals at home, we understand our risk tolerance may not allow us to travel in order to enjoy each other’s company any time soon.

Instead, we are tending back to our own roots: smaller, more focused, and more intimate networking events at outdoor locations that allow for relaxed socializing with your local legal communities in a setting that allows us to have a drink or a smoke at our leisure.

To that end, the INCBA Events Committee will begin to support our membership in hosting local networking mixers.

If you are interested in hosting an event at a location near you, contact us at [email protected] with a proposal, budget, and sponsorship leads!

We will also continue to help the INCBA Operations Team plan our In-Person events, including:

NCIA Mid-West (September 2021)

Michigan Bar Cannabis Section Meeting September 2021)

MJBizCon Las Vegas (October 2021)

ABA International Section, Denver (November 2021)

NCIA Cannabis Summit and Expo (December 2021)

INCBA Cannabis las Institute! (March 2022)

Additionally, INCBA Events Committee will continue to host our Monthly Membership Meeting, next up August 20, 2021!

Next Committee Meeting: August 11, 2021