French Cannabis Regulation

France is currently experiencing an awakening when it comes to the use of cannabis within its borders. While recreational use of cannabis has long been illegal, the country recently launched a two-year experiment with medical marijuana. Patients with illnesses such as cancer, certain forms of epilepsy, and nerve pain are eligible to receive medical cannabis treatments.

The goal of this new medical cannabis pilot project is to evaluate the drug’s safety and effectiveness and to explore the logistical issues that may arise if the country were to legalize cannabis for all citizens. This preparation for a possible legalization of cannabis in France could mean opportunities for current cannabis companies to move into France in the future.

Additionally, the recent CJEU decision that France’s CBD ban was illegal, also opens up potential new markets for this popular supplement.

This CLE is designed to explore the current regulations in France regarding cannabis, CBD and hemp and discuss how the legalization of cannabis in France could impact those regulations. The conversation will be led by two experts in the field of international cannabis.

Jason Moscovici is a Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property attorney with Robic, LLP. He has significant experience with such highly regulated areas as alcohol, cannabis, and natural health products and understands the specifics of issues such as compliance, labelling, distribution, and marketing of these types of products. Moscovici is a regular speaker at cannabis conferences and events.

Marie Sanchez is an attorney for Dentons based in France. Her practice focuses on French and European Union regulatory and transactional issues surrounding the cannabis and hemp industries. Sanchez is well-versed in the current medical marijuana pilot project in France and has firsthand knowledge of the country’s history surrounding the hemp, CBD, and cannabis industries.

The CBD and cannabis markets in France are sure to experience substantial growth in the next few years. This CLE is vital for anyone who is interested in capturing that market as well as those who advise cannabis companies that may want to expand into France.