July 7, 2021 – Society of Cannabis Clinicians

On Wednesday, July 6, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians visited with the INCBA Membership to speak on their mission and legal needs. They helped us better understand how the legal community can support medical doctors that serve cannabis patients, and how the disciplinary system related to Medical Doctors operates at the state level in the US.

Interestingly, a portion of the conversation turned to the Federation of State Medical Boards, what appears to be a somewhat opaque private organization that issues guidelines adopted in many states. They appear to issue guidelines that largely endorse increased opioid availability and access, while heavily lobbying against cannabis and for disciplinary review of doctors recommending cannabis to patients, and have been a strong factor in the failure of state medical boards adopting progressive cannabis recommendation policies.

We also spoke about the need for representation for individual doctors in disciplinary actions, and the need for legislative protections for professionals that make recommendations for cannabis in accordance with state law.

The conversation was a mix of advocacy, science, research, and we thank Dr. Stephen Robinson, Dr. Fred Gardner, and Dr. Jeff Hergenrather for their time, their leadership in this incredibly important area, and their decades of experience.