Defending Against: Products Liability, RICO, Dram Shop/Social Host, and Other Claims (CLI 2018)

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork on how to initiate suit, it’s time for a look at the other side of the equation. Examine strategies to defend against products liability, civil RICO, liability for injuries caused by on-site consumption, and a host of other claims. 

Panelists (speaker bios): 
Katy Young (Ad Astra Law Group)
Tom Haren (Frantz Ward)
Joseph Wilson (Kelley Drye)
Dean Richardson (Moye White)

Written Materials:
Slide Deck

Class Action Complaint – Eaze
Class Action Complaint – Brass Knuckles 
Legal Weed Opponents Aim to Cripple America
Proposition 65 – New Regulations In Effect
Proposition 65 – Overview
Proposition 65 – Marijuana Smoke 
Proposition 65 – Statutory Text 
US Dist Court of CO Orders For REB Review
Safe Streets vv. Hickenlooper
Sample Litigation Hold Letter
Sample Answer