Settlement, Mediation and Arbitration (CLI 2018)

Finally, examine the shortcomings of our court system when dealing with disputes in the cannabis industry. Aside from expense and judicial inefficiency, do we still have worry about the enforcement of contracts that deal with a federally illegal substance? Mediation and arbitration clauses and contractual agreements to abide by, the decisions of an adjudicatory body outside of our well-established court system not only provides a lower-cost alternative, but may provide increased certainty over courts in this all-but-traditional industry. 

Panelists (speaker bios):
Henry Wykowski (Wykowski & Associates)
David Wenger (Nicoletti Hornig & Sweeney)
Lara DeCaro (Leland Parachini)
Patricia Heer (Duane Morris)

Slide Deck

Green Cross v. Gally 
Everest BioSynthesis 
Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 
US Columbia TPA Chapter 10 
CA SB 954 
CA Required Form Mediation Disclosure