What In-House Counsel Want You To Know (CLI 2018)

As the industry grows, more and more companies are hiring in-house counsel to handle many of their daily legal obligations.  While outside counsel are generally specialists in a particular substantive area of law, in-house lawyers have to deal with a range of issues that arise, and there are substantive legal pieces of the puzzle they wish you knew, as well as practical business considerations that affect how they assess  risk and make decisions. And, of course there is the age-old dilemma bout how much communication is enough, optimal, or just too much.

Panelists (speaker bios):
Steve Schain (Hoban Law)
Joe Segilia (Terra Tech)
Jeremy  Unruh (PharmaCanna)
Crystal Saab (Solace Holdings)
Sara Presler (Presler Consulting, LLC) 

Written Materials:
Slide Deck

ABA Model Rule 1.1.Competence 
ABA Model Rule 1.4.Communications 
ABA Model Rule 1.6 Confidentiality
ABA Model Rule 1.13 Organization as Client
ACC Docket – 5 Techniques for Selecting Outside Counsel
ACC Docket – Getting More From Outside Counsel
ACC – Outside Counsel Management
Corporate Counsel – Want to Reach In-House Counsel
Duly Noted:  What In-House Attorneys Want From Outside Counsel 
Practical Law:  Working Effectively With Outside Counsel