Getting to Know You: Due Diligence (CLI 2018)

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Getting to Know You: Due Diligence (CLI 2018)

Whether your client is investing, seeking investment, considering a new business partner, or entering into a long-term sales contract, it is imperative to conduct due diligence of any prospective counterpart. In this industry, more than any other, you can’t take a potential new collaborator at face value.  Learn what to look for, red flags, and signs that indicate there is a green light. 

Panelists (speaker bios):
Lauren Rudick (Hiller, PC)
Matt Lapple (Lapple Ubell)
Avis Bulyban (Siva)
Andrea Hill (SkyLaw)
Dan Straga (Venable)

Written Materials:
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Arrangement Agreement:  Geofinance N.V. v Candax Energy Inc. 
Share Purchase Agreement:  Pharmacan Capital Corp. v. Hortican Inc.