Federalism & States Rights (CLI 2018)

Explore the supremacy clause and the interaction of state and federal law in this unique industry. Examine the current protections for state-legal regulatory regimes, from the Cole Memo to the Joyce-Blumenauer amendment and the pending federal regulations, including the STATES Act and Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act. This session will be moderated by the interim Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, Matthew Schweich.

Panelists (speaker bios):
Matt Schweich (Exec. Dir., MPP)
Laura Thrift (Rep. Blumenauer)
Saphira Galoob (The Liaison Group)
Dr. Robert Mikos (Vanderbilt University) 
Don Murphy (MPP)

Written Materials:  
Slide Deck

Mikos, Commentary on  Proposed Federal Legislation 
115th Congress Marijuana Legislation Matrix 
Amendment to Controlled Substances Act