Membership Committee
Chair: Mary Shapiro.  Mary and her committee members oversee all things related to membership, including rates, membership packages, and membership benefits.  A role on this committee gives you a chance to help NCBA grow, both in size and benefits.  Without a doubt, this committee’s focus is building the membership of this new organization and expanding benefits.

Events Committee
Chair: Lara DeCaro.  Lara and her team are responsible for overseeing the regional mixers and planning our larger national events.  The events committee seeks out sponsorships for these events and plans the dates, locations, and amenities for each event.  The events committee was responsible for the incredibly successful launch event in Denver on June 30, 2015.  The events committee is actively planning the second event of 2015 to be held in Las Vegas on November 11, 2015.

Legal Education Committee
Chair: Mitzi Vaughn. The legal education committee plans various legal educational events throughout the year. The committee’s role is broad and the members play all roles—selecting speakers, picking locations, arranging for webcasting, obtaining sponsorships, setting rates for attendance, and coordinating CLE credits, where possible.  The legal education committee also works with the executive team of NCBA in identifying opportunities to partner with outside organizations that offer legal education. The legal education committee already hosted a seminar on franchising in 2014 and sponsored a continuing legal education event produced by Above the Law in 2015.  The legal education committee is working on several different educational seminars to be hosted in the fall of 2015 and winter / spring 2016.

Amicus Committee
Chairs: Leland Berger & Jason Klein. Together, Lee and Jason review cases from around the country and advise NCBA’s Board on whether NCBA should appear as amicus in pending.  They are currently developing a set of criteria to apply in making the decision to seek NCBA involvement.  To get involved with the important work Lee and Jason are doing, join us now.

Ethics Committee
Chair: Robert Raich.  Rob and his committee remain abreast of the ethical issues faces by attorneys serving cannabis businesses.  With rules and guidelines changing every day, Rob’s committee is tasked with providing updates where relevant and understanding the complicated ethical and legal landscape for the lawyers. Rob’s committee will work closely with the Legal Education Committee to ensure NCBA provides informed and relevant information about the status of ethical rules for attorneys serving cannabis businesses.

Laws & Regulations Committee
Chairs: Alex Zavell, Joshua Kappel, and Jon Robbins.  Together, Alex, Josh, and Jon are keeping their eyes on the development of state laws and regulations affecting cannabis business.  Advising clients on compliance in this shifting landscape is complicated and this committee seeks to support that work. This Committee will work with the Legal Education Committee to provide information to NCBA members about the development of laws and regulations affecting the cannabis industry on the federal, state, and local level.

Student Member Committee
Chair: Rachel K. Gillette.  Seeking to engage future lawyers and paralegals with the NCBA. This committees role is to create student incentives and opportunities, including assistance with linking student members with job and internship opportunities with legal professionals engaged in the cannabis industry. We seek to organize NCBA Student Member groups, who provide membership outreach, organize campus educational events, and assist other NCBA committees on CLE development, NCBA legal publications, and determining NCBA Student member incentives and membership criteria. If you are interested in working with us on the NCBA Student Member Committee or if you would like to organize an NCBA event on your campus, please contact us.