The Leading Issues Committee examines current events at the intersection of law and the cannabis industry to determine whether the legal community should respond with a voice through the National Cannabis Bar Association. Issues that are raised at the committee level could include specific pending cases, trends in litigation, regulatory agency rule-making, and other issues that affect lawyers and legal practice as it relates to the cannabis industry. 

The Leading Issues Committee, split off from the Amicus Committee, may respond to arising issues that are outside of current cases and controversies or the legislative process, and responses may include drafting open letters, issuing press releases, and other association responses as deemed appropriate. The Leading Issues Committee takes a primarily role in shaping the INCBA’s public-facing stance on issues as they arise in the industry. To contact the Chair of the Committee, INCBA Board Member Meital Manzuri, please email [email protected] or fill out our committee application form here.

Recent Committee Updates

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