The Students and Academic Affairs Committee is primarily focused on integrating students into our association and preparing the next generation of great legal minds for practice in our specialized industry. There are multiple initiatives currently underway, and the committee will help facilitate student involvement in a variety of areas, including, among others, helping to develop CLE content, assisting with INCBA legal publications and research, and participating in student externship programs.

The committee helps determine INCBA Student member incentives and membership criteria, is the primary point of contact for students with INCBA, and oversees the development of INCBA Student Chapters. If you are a student and interested in becoming more involved with INCBA, starting a student law school chapter, or interested in speaking to the committee for other purposes, please email the Committee Chair, INCBA Board Member and Attorney with Clark Howell, Joanna Hossack, at [email protected] or fill out our committee application form here.

Recent Committee Updates

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