Charles Alovisetti

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Charles “Charlie” Alovisetti

Charles “Charlie” Alovisetti is a partner at Vicente Sederberg – which Rolling Stone magazine referred to as “the nation’s first powerhouse law firm” and continues to be recognized as the premier cannabis law and policy firm in the US. As chair of the firm’s Corporate Practice Group, Charlie advises investors, businesses, and professional services firms on the nuances of executing corporate transactions involving licensed and ancillary cannabis companies. He is highly regarded among his colleagues and clients as a thought leader and change agent for the cannabis industry and the legal professionals working in it. Before joining VS, Charlie was an attorney in the New York offices of AmLaw 100 firms Latham & Watkins and Goodwin, where he represented public companies and private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies in a range of corporate transactions. He joined Vicente Sederberg in 2015 because he shared the firm’s dedication to ending the drug war and helping cannabis businesses succeed.

Based in Denver, CO, Charlie has worked on structuring and corporate matters with applicants in merit licensing processes in Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia, Hawaii, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and several local jurisdictions. With his extensive experience working on licensed transactions in all the major cannabis markets in the United States and across Canada, Charlie understands the state, local and international issues that commonly arise in stock and asset acquisitions, in management companies and in other alternative structures. He also provides specialized counsel to non-cannabis companies seeking to evaluate the risks of entering the cannabis space and structure their investments to reduce risks.

Charlie earned his law degree from Columbia Law School, where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. He is admitted to practice in Colorado and New York. Today, as an experienced attorney working exclusively in cannabis, Charlie is well prepared and motivated to serve the International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) as an active member of its Board of Directors.

Recognizing that INCBA’s purpose is to benefit its members, if elected Charlie would prioritize bringing more value to members and helping them improve their businesses. One of Charlie’s anticipated areas of focus on the Board is risk management and using INCBA to help its members reduce their liability. For example, in situations where a member attorney is asked to provide advice where the law is not definitive, clients can purport malpractice because they feel misguided despite ambiguity in the law. Charlie believes that INCBA can help its members mitigate that risk by creating policy statements about how attorneys cannot guarantee the way regulators will interpret or enforce cannabis laws. Then, if sued, the member would be able to point to the policy to show they provided highest standard of care, and that no one could have done better than the member because definitive guidance doesn’t yet exist.

Charlie is also keen to improve the INCBA referral network by introducing new ideas and ways to work collaboratively among member attorneys and firms. Charlie would work with the other members of the INCBA Board of Directors to consider new ways to better facilitate connection as the industry grows across state and national borders. A focus on this cross-border collaboration would give opportunities for members to give more service to national clients by partnering with other local members.

Finally, to help make more people aware of INCBA, Charlie would help develop outreach plans to get more attorneys and firms involved, and help INCBA maintain its position as the leading bar association for the international cannabis industry. With many of the attorneys working in cannabis coming from smaller firms, INCBA can connect them to other members to both expand their network and referral sources. For example, a new INCBA referral network would be of incredible value to both small and large firms as they work on national and international deals. And, by engaging in proactive outreach to bring in new members, INCBA will continue to normalize cannabis for the legal profession and help make it a global industry.