Eliyahu Scheiman

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Eliyahu Scheiman

I am a principal in the NJ-based law firm, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C., and have been practicing law since 2005. I cut my teeth as a litigator, primarily in the areas of employment, insurance and complex tort and commercial litigation, before transitioning into the Cannabis space.  Although I have always been a litigator, I have come to view litigation as simply a transaction of a different sort, believing that uncompromising ethics, transparency and maintaining positive relationships with adversaries and all stakeholders are the keys to achieving success and results.  This ethos will be critical as the still nascent Cannabis industry continues to evolve and normalize.  

Although several of my close friends, including cancer survivors, have benefited tremendously from cannabis, I personally came to this endlessly fascinating space as an ultra-runner looking for ways to decompress, sleep and mitigate soreness and inflammation following 50 and 100-mile races where I had been running for anywhere from 10 to 30 hours.  I happened upon an article discussing the benefits of CBD for athletes, took the plunge, and the rest is history.  I have since seen Cannabis and CBD transform the lives of family and friends suffering from all kinds of physical ailments, from pain to anxiety. 

My Cannabis practice currently includes counseling and representing employers, multi-state operators, small businesses and entrepreneurs in this rapidly-shifting space on employment, licensing and compliance issues and investment opportunities.  I have presented extensively on issues regarding Cannabis and the workplace.  I also work closely with my Firm’s governmental affairs subsidiary, which lobbies heavily for the Cannabis industry.   

If elected to the International Cannabis Bar Association’s (INCBA) Board of Directors, I hope to use the opportunity to help advance the de-stigmatization and normalization of medical marijuana in the employment setting.  I am honored to have been nominated for this position.