Board Nominee Thomas Haren


Thomas Haren

I am an attorney with Frantz Ward LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, focusing my practice on advising clients at each stage of their business decisions: regulatory oversight, corporate governance, risk management, the development and execution of litigation strategies, and other day-to-day business issues. A large part of my practice involves representing clients in the legal cannabis industry.

I knew in law school that I wanted to represent cannabis companies. As an editor with the Journal of Law & Health, I organized a symposium on legalizing medical marijuana in 2011 – five years before the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 523 and took that step. I advocated for medical marijuana reform as a candidate for the Ohio State Senate in 2014, and I was invited to testify before an Ohio Senate committee when House Bill 523 law was being debated in the Ohio legislature.

I was also active in getting the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct amended in an effort to allow Ohio cannabis companies to enjoy access to the same the same types of traditional legal services as businesses in other industries.

I now represent Ohio medical marijuana license holders and ancillary stakeholders as Ohio’s new industry moves toward the September 9, 2018 target operational date.

It would be my distinct honor to serve on the NCBA Board, the only national bar association dedicated to the legal cannabis industry. I would hope to use my position to increase educational opportunities for our members, and to ensure that we can all stay up-to-date in this changing regulatory landscape. I also would hope that the NCBA can have a meaningful impact on reform efforts at the federal level.

I am so thankful to be nominated for this position. If elected, I will do everything I can to serve the NCBA well as a Board member.