Joanna Hossack

Joanna Hossack

For nearly a decade, I’ve devoted my career to helping cannabis operators navigate the emerging and complex laws governing California’s cannabis market. With the watershed passages of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act in 2015 and Proposition 64 in 2016, I have built my legal practice alongside an extraordinary moment: the transition of California’s booming unregulated market
into a licensed industry.

Since earning my juris doctorate from UC Hastings in 2014, I have exclusively focused on helping cultivators, manufacturers and retailers become licensed. First in private practice and now with Clark Neubert, LLP, I advise on entity formation, corporate governance, business transactional matters, local permitting, and licensing.

I bring extensive experience navigating the social equity programs required by an increasing number of jurisdictions. I have worked with Oakland’s pioneering program and am currently helping clients align with equity programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I am also focused on the intersection of water law’s influential role in the future of legal cannabis. In addition, I am active in  statewide advocacy groups, including the California Growers Association and the California Cannabis Industry Association. My multifaceted practice, experience, and longtime dedication to the cannabis community makes me a strong candidate for NCBA’s Board of Directors. If appointed, I will work diligently to advance the organization’s goals and influence.

In this capacity, I would endeavor to:
1. Advocate with state bar associations to gain greater legitimacy and support for the cannabis bar;
2. Support the expansion of NCBA’s social equity efforts to, ideally, include national technical assistance to equity applicants;
3. Develop and host valuable CLE’s on emerging topics—including deep dives into water law and its impact on cannabis policy—through webinars and meetings; and
4. Drive greater outreach to law schools nationally, and ideally implement a mentorship program between attorneys and law students.

Being completely immersed in the cannabis industry, I bring a deep theoretical and practical understanding of the laws and issues facing clients. If appointed, I will work hard on NCBA’s behalf to grow membership and strengthen our groundbreaking practices at this unprecedented moment in history.