Karen Bernstein

Karen Bernstein

My name is Karen Bernstein, and I am the Managing Partner of Bernstein IP, which provides intellectual property, regulatory/compliance, corporate, and fundraising advice and counsel to its cannabis clients.  I am running for a second term as INCBA Board Director.

I have been an INCBA member since 2017 and attended the first Cannabis Law Institute (CLI) where I found “my people” and subsequently became an INCBA Lifetime Member. 

In my first term as a INCBA Board Director, I have worked behind the scenes to advance the bar association. I attend weekly Executive Committee meetings to better understand the proposed policies and procedures that are presented at the Board meetings.  Because I’m also an Internet attorney, I was asked to recommend search engine optimization experts and to assist in curating the new INCBA website.

Some of my other contributions to the INCBA have included helping to coordinate the Table Topics with Mary Shapiro at the 2019 CLI, presenting on webinars, sponsoring law students to attend CLI, and recommending search engine optimization experts and assisting in curating the new INCBA website.

I am a great believer in education and fulfillment through learning from others, and I love to educate law students and practicing attorneys.  I also help to mentor INCBA Law Student members whenever there is a need. 

INCBA is like no other bar association because of its great members. I am proud to call myself an INCBA Lifetime Member.  

Please vote for me in the upcoming election to serve a second term as an INCBA Director of the Board, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at [email protected]  

Thank you for your consideration.