Katy M. Young


Katy M. Young

For the last two years, I have served as INCBA’s Board President. During my tenure, we have grown the membership by over 20%, expanded our reach internationally, rebranded from the National Cannabis Bar Association to the International Cannabis Bar Association, and successfully pivoted our business model to online in response to COVID-19. I am proud of the work that the organization has done and will continue to do. I would be honored to serve this organization with another two years of my time. 

 When I am not directing the INCBA to new heights, I am enjoying my role as the Managing Partner of Ad Astra Law Group, LLP in San Francisco. I represent cannabis industry businesses in disputes involving ownership interests and investments, real property issues, and intellectual property battles. My position as a litigator provides me with a unique viewpoint of our industry and the lawyering (or lack thereof) that leads to disputes. I learn so much from each of you and incorporate your wisdom into my daily actions. 

 My leadership style is inclusive and diplomatic when needed, but also decisive and firm when the time is right. With two more years on the Board, hopefully still serving as President, I hope to use the institutional knowledge that I have gained in my first stint as a Director to propel INCBA further into the spotlight that we are all trying to shine on our industry. INCBA’s advocacy efforts are needed more than ever during this unprecedented global interruption. I am prepared to lead us into the future as we expand our reach globally and continue our mission to bring the best quality continuing legal education while building a robust community of brave lawyers striving to provide better service to our clients. Let’s go, INCBA!

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