Lauren Mendelsohn

Lauren Mendelsohn

Hello, fellow cannabis lawyers! My name is Lauren Mendelsohn and I’m running for INCBA’s Board of Directors. I believe that I would offer a unique perspective to the INCBA Board as a woman, and particularly as a millennial. I’m also an activist at heart and a public policy wonk, and was primarily motivated to earn my law degree because I saw it as a way to help effectuate policy change. If I am elected to the Board, I will strive to ensure that INCBA is actively engaged in critical discussions surrounding not only the legal cannabis industry but also regarding the justice system at large. I’ve been practicing cannabis law for my entire career (I became a licensed attorney in 2016), and was exposed to this area of law even prior to that (as early as 2013) as a law student and intern. Additionally, I’ve been involved with broader drug policy reform efforts since 2009 when I first joined NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) as a college student. I am familiar with the responsibilities that come with serving on a Board of Directors; my previous experience in a Director capacity includes SSDP (Member, 2014-2017; Chair, 2016-2017), the Sonoma County Growers Alliance (Member, 2018-present), and the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey (Girl Representative, 2007-2008). I work at the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, a boutique law firm in Northern California, where I represent companies and individuals for cannabis-related and hemp-related business transactions and regulatory compliance. I’ve had the honor and privilege of learning from current INCBA Board Member Omar Figueroa as my mentor for the past few years, and hope to continue down the trail he blazed (pun intended). In conclusion, I ask for your support in this election, and thank you for your time and consideration.




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