Niall Neligan

Board of Directors (current)


Lawyer, Author and Lecturer in Drug Policy Regulation and Law Reform at Technological University Dublin. In 2016, founded Fweed, a Public Advocacy & Drug Policy Law Reform consultancy whose mission is to persuade the Irish Government to regulate cannabis for medical and adult use.

In 2017, co-authored the Controlled Drug and & Harm Reduction Bill put before the Irish Parliament to decriminalise controlled drugs for adult use. In July 2018, published a “”21st Century Guide to Regulating Cannabis for Adult use. The guide was launched at a public lecture hosted by the Irish Parliament.

In November 2018, published an article in the peer reviewed Medico-Legal Journal entitled “”Medical Cannabis and the Law in Ireland, a critical evaluation of Doctor-Patient Access to Medical Cannabis under the existing Licensing Rules and the Government’s Proposed Enhanced Access Scheme.””

Between 2018-2020, served as Business Development, Legal Affairs and Regulatory Consultant for Tilray Europe, answering directly to the CEO of Tilray, the Managing Director of Tilray Europe and the Head of European Business Development advising on medical cannabis and novel food regulation.

In July 2019, alongside the Head of European Business Development spearheaded the team which negotiated and received the first ministerial license from the Irish Government to import and distribute a Cannabis-Based Medicinal Product (Tilray 10:10 THC CBD Oral Solution) into Ireland. In January 2020, achieved authorisation for Tilray’s 10:10 Oral Solution as a “”Specified Controlled Drug”” for patient use under Ireland’s Medical Cannabis Access Programme.