Nominee Corinne Celko

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Corinne Celko

Prior to joining Emerge Law Group, Corinne was a lawyer at Perkins Coie LLP, an international AmLaw 100 law firm, for almost ten years.  At the time, Perkins Coie prohibited its lawyers from representing cannabis businesses, so in November 2015, Corinne joined Emerge Law Group, the first full-service law firm in Oregon to serve the cannabis industry.  At that time, Oregon’s cannabis legalization measure (Measure 91) had passed but was not yet effective. 

Corinne practices land use and development law and joined Emerge to lead its land use practice.  Corinne immediately became involved in the implementation of Measure 91 and worked extensively with various cities and counties throughout Oregon on behalf of cannabis businesses to adopt and implement land use regulations specific to cannabis-related uses.  Corinne has also challenged local governments who have tried to adopt regulations that are too restrictive.  Most recently, Corinne argued before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals and won the first appellate case in Oregon deeming a local government’s cannabis regulations to be unreasonable under state law.

Corinne is passionate about advocating for and assisting the cannabis industry, as well as creating a strong and supportive community for the lawyers who serve that industry.  Corinne is currently co-chair of the planning committee for the 2020 INCBA Racial Justice & Social Equity Program, which will be a half-day event at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit in San Francisco.  Given the current climate of civil unrest, Corinne strongly believes that issues regarding criminal justice reform and racial justice are important now more than ever for the cannabis industry and society at large.   If elected to the board, Corinne is committed to organizing more educational programs to keep INCBA’s members informed and at the forefront of issues important to them and to the cannabis industry as a whole.

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