Nominee Habib Bentaleb

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Habib Bentaleb

I a firm believer in public service. I’m honored to sit on the Board of Directors of the Marin County Bar Association and in that position I have spearheaded and moderated a number of cannabis programs for legal professionals in Northern California. I am constantly advocating on behalf of the cannabis industry at City Council and County Board of Supervisor meetings in hopes of expanding the opportunities for cannabis businesses. I also believe it’s important for those in the cannabis industry to be involved in our community in non-cannabis activities. As ridiculous as it is, there is a still a stigma when it comes to cannabis in certain communities — liberal Marin is no exception. To that end I dedicate time to my community by serving on the Board of Director for my son’s Little League as the Sponsorship Director and for the last two years I’ve been the assistant basketball coach for the junior varsity basketball team for my local high school. I’m the consummate team player and I would be honored to represent the INCBA. 

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