Nominee Meital Manzuri

Meital Manzuri

For the last 10 years, I have served as the Managing Partner for Manzuri Law, leading a diverse team of attorneys in cannabis and hemp law. I love my job and am proud that our firm has become a pillar for legal resources and one of the most reputable in the cannabis industry in Los Angeles. 

If entrusted as an INCBA Board Member, I would devote the same commitment and passion to the organization as I do my own firm and the other organizations I serve. From identifying cutting edge issues, to keeping a keen eye on growth and using my expansive network to help grow membership, I will prioritize INCBA’s objectives the same way I do for my firm.

Leading a team as a strong woman has proven to be my lot in life.  I have served as General Counsel for various trade associations responsible for influencing cannabis policies in Los Angeles and I also serve on the Los Angeles Cannabis Bar Association’s Executive Committee and love coaching my daughter’s AYSO soccer team. 

Since giving back is a priority to me, I dedicate hundreds of hours annually to pro bono work and host free seminars for the social equity community to assist those with limited resources.

As a cannabis attorney for 12+ years, I have authored hundreds of partnership deals, procured licenses for 150+ different businesses, defended thousands of people accused with cannabis crimes, and my tenure includes some of the most seminal cases in federal and state court. 

I am the mother of two young children and an example that women can have it all when they maintain a dedication to work/life harmony and are surrounded by the right team.  –

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