Nominee Neil Juneja


Neil Juneja

My bio and law firm are available and can be seen at the following links: and

What is not known is my work outside of law, which may provide some dimensionality to me. My current projects include a leadership roll in the Cannabis Bar Section of the Washington State Bar Association, with a goal to nurture young attorneys to grow and become productive members of our practice areas – a focus I hope . Another current side project is called Covert Bat, a drive through event series to provide live music during the time of Covid, a project I created with a partner ( We debuted a long-term venue in Seattle that fits 50 cars with three shows per night. We are also in final negotiations with the city and large parking lots for 300+ car venues, seeking to save the entertainment industry and live music. Another current project is BLM, a movement dear to me after a rather unpleasant and prolonged upbringing stemming from the same flaw in our society. For the BLM matters, which Seattle is one of the epicenters, we have provided free legal services, offered to take civil rights cases, and joined the National Lawyers Guild as observers. Previous projects include Smash Putt, an industrial miniature golf and pop up bar event that toured and was feature in the Wall Street Journal, a lighting company called Muvment Lighting, a micro-loan company to help socioeconomically challenged Americans, and a CRISPR-Cas9 company designed to cure genetic diseases. I tell you this, not just to provide color to my character, but also to demonstrate that I have an alternative and creative approach to everything I do as well as the productivity to execute on my goals while still running a rapidly growing successful law firm.

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