Board Nominee Lara Pearson


Lara Pearson

My name is Lara,
but I’m no Lara DeCaro.
I am Lara Pearson, also known as Tahoe Lara.

I live at Lake Tahoe and mountain communities love their weed,
but that is just a small part of why you should vote for me,
to serve you on the NCBA Board of Directors starting in July 2018

The NCBA board needs broader federal diversity.
Nominees hail from Colorado and of course a bunch of folks from Cali,
but in the fine state of Nevada, well, I think it’s just me.

Now, of course, I recognize that federal diversity and a love of weed
are not the only attributes that an incoming NCBA Board members will need.
The NCBA needs brand evangelists who are passionate and personable you see . . .
people who will nurture it as it continues to become the bar association the NCBA was born to be.

NCBA is a baby bar association as far as the history of bar associations go.
The American Bar Association was founded on August 21, 1878, a century and a quarter ago!
The first state to have a mandatory bar association was North Dakota in 1921, who would know?
NCBA’s incoming board has to be eager to help the National Cannabis Bar Association grow, grow, grow!
And I don’t mean growing cannabis, oh no, no, no, certainly, none of the states would let that go!

I mean growing the NCBA membership, as well as its brand recognition.
Getting out the word out about the great things NCBA is doing and has already done.
For attorneys who represent cannabis clients, NCBA provides advocacy and education,
And, wouldn’t you have guessed it, NCBA events are a whole hell of a lot of fun!

This community of attorneys has already become like family to me,
And I would be honored to serve the membership in a Board member capacity.
I’ll bring to the NCBA Board my passion, connections and creativity.
I will donate my time and I’ll donate my money.
I will get work done while keeping it sunny.
So won’t you please vote for me?