Shane Pennington

Board of Directors (current)


Shane is an appellate lawyer who specializes in federal regulatory issues. After clerking for federal judges on the D.C. Circuit, the Fifth Circuit, and the D.C. District Court, Shane spent several years in the Supreme Court practice group of a major international law firm. Recently, joined Vicente Sederberg LLP to dedicate himself full time to the novel legal issues facing the regulated-substances industries.

Recently, Shane teamed up with a colleague, Matt Zorn, to bring cutting-edge legal challenges to seemingly intractable federal drug policies. Together, they have demonstrated that DEA can be beaten in federal court and that litigation can catalyze effective drug policy reform. Their pro bono representation of Scottsdale Research Institute, for example, forced DOJ to disclose a secret government document demonstrating the illegality of the notorious NIDA monopoly. And Hemp Industry Daily described their successful constitutional challenge to Texas’ smokable hemp ban as a watershed decision that opens up the nation’s second-largest state.

A recognized thought leader on federal administrative law, Shane is a regular contributor to the Yale Journal on Regulation Notice & Comment blog and the American Bar Association’s Administrative and Regulatory Law News. He also serves as co-chair of INCBA’s Amicus Committee.