Katy Young

Katy Young

In retrospect, my career decisions inadvertently led me to be the professional that the cannabis industry needed. I have supported the legal cannabis movement since becoming aware that it existed, an interest that grew out of my personal use to address my once-debilitating anxiety and depression issues.

Back in college, I wrote my capstone paper on the racist origins of cannabis prohibition but never could have imagined that I could make a career out of my passion.

I have practiced law in San Francisco since 2009. My professional focus had always been on business litigation, specifically partnership disputes, breach of contract, and securities issues, with a smattering of real estate matters. In 2015, I worked on a breach of contract case for a cannabis business in Oakland and decided to pivot my practice to service cannabis business litigants in need of sophisticated representation in complicated disputed matters. I was thrilled to bring my talents to help elevate the professionalism in the industry.

Since 2015, I have represented warring dispensary owners, ousted Board Members, cultivators fighting with landlords, businesses fighting with local governments, and nearly every kind of business or real estate dispute in between. Over half of my clients are cannabis industry litigants. I love what I do and find it very satisfying to resolve problems that my clients could not on their own.

I am a natural leader and a high-energy doer, the kind that raises her hand when no one else will. I founded and run a successful 12-person law firm, so I am adept at executing business decisions and would use my experiences there to propel NCBA to the next level. I interpret data to make smart decisions. I am skilled at delegation and follow up to make sure the job gets done.

As a litigator, I look to resolve conflicts and road blocks by actively listening to the stakeholders to find common ground and move forward.

Public speaking is one of my strengths, as well as connecting people and maintaining momentum. It is a great honor to serve on the NCBA Board of Directors.