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Students Roundtable
June 23, 11am Pacific

While we can try to empathize with the questions that come with graduating in the midst of a massive economic downturn, a global pandemic, and a social movement – you are the first class in recent history to face such a perfect storm of uncertainty.

We know that students are looking for new ways to network with practicing attorneys, and, in the absence of available jobs, to continue their professional development despite lack of opportunity. 

If you’d like to talk about your situation, learn how other students are dealing with this uncertainty, and come together to create opportunities to grow your personal brand as a budding young lawyer, join us on June 23rd. 

We want to hear what you would find most useful, and we need volunteers to help create the resources that you need. Use the INCBA name to open opportunities to which you might not otherwise have access. We want to support you, and we want to hear about the best way to do it! 

 RSVP Below – and if you are not a student member yet – its free!