Federal Legislative Cannabis Reform | Pathway towards Progress in the 117th

As more and more states vote to legalize cannabis for adult use, the next question is whether the federal government will follow suit. The 2020 election placed Democrats in control of the Oval Office and both houses of Congress. This monopoly gives Democrats the power, if they so choose, to push for the legalization of […]

Cannabis Business Law Formation Webinars

The business of cannabis[CD1]  is complicated, compounded by the fluid and evolving nature of the field and the multiple levels of applicable regulation. Failing to understand the laws and regulation of any industry can carry hefty consequences, but that is especially true in this highly-regulated and emerging landscape. This three-part Cannabis Law Module will focus […]

Cross-border Trade and Rescheduling of Cannabis by the UN – Small Step or Giant Leap

The December 2020 meeting of the United National Commission on Narcotic Drugs resulted in the removal of cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Other drugs in Schedule IV include addictive opioids such as heroin, which the WHO recognizes as having no medically therapeutic properties. The removal of cannabis from […]

Cannabis & Criminal Justice Reform

As we forge ahead into 2021, it is clear that public perceptions of cannabis are evolving. Most Americans consider the dangers of cannabis to be closer to those for alcohol, rather than more dangerous drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Unfortunately, the laws of our states and our country punish those convicted of cannabis related […]

Cannabis in Switzerland – a Global Overview

Switzerland currently has the most industry-friendly cannabis laws in Europe. For example, products that contain less than one percent THC are not considered narcotics. As a result, these low THC products can be bought and sold legally in the country. Thanks to this exemption, Switzerland has one of the most active and mature CBD markets […]

French Cannabis Regulation

France is currently experiencing an awakening when it comes to the use of cannabis within its borders. While recreational use of cannabis has long been illegal, the country recently launched a two-year experiment with medical marijuana. Patients with illnesses such as cancer, certain forms of epilepsy, and nerve pain are eligible to receive medical cannabis […]

On-Demand CLE: The Irish Cannabis Experience

Available Here. Featuring: Niall Neligan Irish lawyer, Niall Neligan will give an overview of the current situation concerning the regulation of cannabis for medical and novel food use in Ireland. Whilst cannabis remains prohibited for adult use, like many jurisdictions there’s a vibrant cannabis community and a strong presence from North American cannabis companies who […]

On Demand CLE: Key Issues in Impact Cannabis Litigation

Available Here. Featuring: Shane Pennington |  Chelsie Spencer |  Ari Gerstin |  Tom Haren As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the frequency and scope of litigation and regulatory challenges increases. Join our litigators as we discuss considerations for cannabis litigation from pre-filing to trial, including issues such as forum and challenge bases. Our panelists will also discuss top cannabis cases […]

On-Demand CLE – Cannabis Regulation: The French Paradox

Available Here. Featuring: Jason Moscovici & Marie Sanchez While France is known as the second largest hemp producer in the world, it remains one of the less developed cannabis markets. Nevertheless with the launch of the pilot program on medical cannabis in March 2021 and the expected changes in the CBD regulation following the CJEU’s […]