Join Our Discussion: Key Issues in Cannabis Litigation

The International Cannabis Bar Association March 11, 2021 @ 11 am PST Ticket Link As the global cannabis industry continues to grow, the frequency and scope of litigation and regulatory challenges increases. Join our litigators as we discuss considerations for cannabis litigation from pre-filing to trial, including issues such as forum and challenge bases. […]

Federal Cannabis Legalization Fortune-Telling

This post originally appeared here. With the Biden Administration putting together its federal agenda as Democrats take control of Congress (counting Vice President Harris’ tie-breaking vote), many in the cannabis industry are renewing their push for federal legalization. Cannabis legalization could also be a major economic driver for the post-Covid recovery period, just as the […]

Governor Newsom Proposes 2021 Budget Amid $1 Billion in 2020 Cannabis Tax Revenue: State Regulatory Consolidation, Permanent Equity Funding, and Unchanged Tax Rate

On Friday, January 8, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom released his proposed state budget for 2021-2022, proposing a July 1 date for consolidation of the three main cannabis state regulators in California. Newsom’s proposed budget calls for a $154M Cannabis Control Fund to cover the costs of consolidating the three state regulators into the stand-alone Department […]

EU & Germany: Annual Review 2020 and Outlook 2021 by KFN+

We are excited to present the following post by INCBA Advisory Board Member Kai-Friedrich Niermann, originally posted on Krautinvest. 2020 was a moving and extraordinarily hopeful year for the CBD industry, with events that will point far into the future of the hemp sector.  CBD – Finally Legal! The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) decided […]

Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Pyrrhic Victory Leaves CA Statewide Delivery in Limbo

For two years, the cannabis delivery industry were anxiously awaiting the resolution of a lawsuit brought against the Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) by two-dozen California cities, asserting that a regulation promulgated by the BCC allowing for delivery to any address in California violates statutes allowing such deliveries only to the extent such operations comply with local […]

Marijuana Legalization Is The Time To Bring Science To DUI Enforcement

The Full Text of this Note first appeared in the SIU Law Journal, and can be found here. On November 3, 2020 four states added themselves to the list of states that have repealed their prohibitions against the adult recreational use of marijuana.  As this list grows, so also grows the need to find ways to deal with […]