July Leading Issues

We took this month off from our committee meeting in order to reorganize the committee, and refresh the committee members. We are adding individuals for our August meeting, and we are excited to see this renewed interested in the informally dubbed the “think tank of the INCBA.” Get involved today!

Diversity Committee – July Update!

The Diversity Committee, headed up by Yvette McDowell and Allen Paxton, has a great meeting this July, and Accomplished the following! First, the committee welcomed new INCBA Board Member Amber Littlejohn as the Board Liasian to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Second, the Committee finalized our committee mission statement: “Building a more inclusive, equitable, and […]

July CLE Productions!

The Committee is hard at work, and keeps cranking out the highest-quality CLEs on the market – all available on-demand here! In July, we produced: Appellate Law 101 Unauthorized and Unwise: The Lawful Use Requirement in Trademark Law Hemp Law in Italy The Cannabis Business Law: Formation Module101: Formation Issues201: Drafting301: Litigation This month, we […]

Events Going Into Q4 2021!

The events committee has a couple of great announcements! First, congratulations to Corinne Celko and Christopher Takemoto-Gentile for taking the mantle of the INCBA Events Committee Co-Chairs! Second, we are super excited to have ironed out the direction for the INCBA Events Committee for the second half of the year – if you want to […]

July 7, 2021 – Society of Cannabis Clinicians

On Wednesday, July 6, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians visited with the INCBA Membership to speak on their mission and legal needs. They helped us better understand how the legal community can support medical doctors that serve cannabis patients, and how the disciplinary system related to Medical Doctors operates at the state level in the […]

PACT Act: Sign on to INCBA’s Legislative Advisement Committee’s Work Product by June 11!

INCBA Members and Friends, as many of you are aware, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (the “Act”) included legislation affecting laws related to mailing certain tobacco-related products to consumers. The Act’s amendments broadly defined Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (“ENDS”) in a manner that could be interpreted to include cannabis-related products, including some hemp products, potentially subjecting […]

Legislative Committee Update – May, 2021

The INCBA Legislative Advisement Committee continues to meet, and carries forward the focus of 2021 on state-level regulatory implementation. Co-Chair Eli Scheiman renewed his outreach to the NJ Law Revisions Commissions in their definition of “under the influence” with regard to cannabis. The Committee also considered the USPS postal ban on tobacco vaporizer products, and […]

CLE Committee Update 5/15

The CLE Committee is building on the INCBA’s already-robust library of online content housed in the INCBArchives. In addition to the bi-monthly webinars (one US Domestic and One International), the Committee has been planning the recording of a series of learning modules focused on the most important topics in cannabis law. Planned topics include: Hemp […]

Leading Issues Update: 5/19/21

The leading issues committee continues to act as the think tank for INCBA, identifying issues on the horizon both for legal practitioners serving the cannabis industry, as well as the INCBA itself. Today, INCBA Executive Director Christopher Davis was joined by INCBA Board Member and Chair of the Leading Issues Committee Meital Manzuri, Founding INCBA […]