Insolvency in Cannabis: Access to Bankruptcy Courts, How to Prepare Your Clients, and Alternatives to the Federal System (2019)

As more states adopt cannabis use programs, the number of individuals and businesses engaged in the cannabis industry, either as growers or sellers, or as ancillary service or goods providers, continues to expand.  This webinar will address issues that arise when cannabis businesses or individuals deriving income from the cannabis industry seek relief provided by […]

Federalism & States Rights (CLI 2018)

Explore the supremacy clause and the interaction of state and federal law in this unique industry. Examine the current protections for state-legal regulatory regimes, from the Cole Memo to the Joyce-Blumenauer amendment and the pending federal regulations, including the STATES Act and Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act. This session will be moderated by the interim […]

The Enduring Manifestations of Prohibition (CLI 2018)

Panelists will examine how federal prohibition has shaped the industry, including how prohibition has curtailed access to banking, bankruptcy courts, SBA loans, federal intellectual property protection, and the growth of the CBD market. Panelists (speaker bios):  Betty Aldworth (SSDP)Shawn Hauser (Vicente Sederberg)Amanda Conley (Brand and Branch)Barton Morris (Cannabis Legal Group)Tom Downey (Ireland and Stapleton)Check out the […]

Employment & Labor (CLI 2018)

Does your client even have an employee handbook? A sexual harassment policy? Paid vacation and FMLA leave? How businesses treat their employees is one of the largest sources of legal liability in any business, and it’s an area that was long ignored in the grey market cannabis industry. Now that we are coming into the […]

Settlement, Mediation and Arbitration (CLI 2018)

Finally, examine the shortcomings of our court system when dealing with disputes in the cannabis industry. Aside from expense and judicial inefficiency, do we still have worry about the enforcement of contracts that deal with a federally illegal substance? Mediation and arbitration clauses and contractual agreements to abide by, the decisions of an adjudicatory body […]

Oh Canada, Oh Cannabis (CLI 2018)

Take a closer look at our neighbors north of the border who offer the possibility opportunities for investment, partnership, and international commerce. As Canada moves towards a less stigmatized and a more open market, examine the opportunities that exist in Canada.   Panelists (speaker bios):Sherri Altschuler (Aird Berlis)Barrington Miller (Director, Canadian Securities Exchange)Afzal Hazan (CannaRoyalty)Maruf Raza […]

Public and Private: Preparing for an IPO or a Merger (CLI 2018)

Many clients start businesses with an eye towards initial growth followed by an exit, which can take you one of two directions. The Canadian market for cannabis-related IPOs is heating up, and US M&A has been on fire since January 1, when California’s adult use market came online. Are there different considerations to take into […]

What In-House Counsel Want You To Know (CLI 2018)

As the industry grows, more and more companies are hiring in-house counsel to handle many of their daily legal obligations.  While outside counsel are generally specialists in a particular substantive area of law, in-house lawyers have to deal with a range of issues that arise, and there are substantive legal pieces of the puzzle they wish […]