Live CLE (June 9): Cannabis & Criminal Justice Reform

Register for the Live Webinar Here – June 9, 11am pst As we forge ahead into 2021, it is clear that public perceptions of cannabis are evolving. Most Americans consider the dangers of cannabis to be closer to those for alcohol, rather than more dangerous drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Unfortunately, the laws of […]

Cannabis in Switzerland – a Global Overview

Switzerland currently has the most industry-friendly cannabis laws in Europe. For example, products that contain less than one percent THC are not considered narcotics. As a result, these low THC products can be bought and sold legally in the country. Thanks to this exemption, Switzerland has one of the most active and mature CBD markets […]

On-Demand CLE – Interstate Commerce

Available Here. Featuring: Irina Dashevsky | Marc Hauser | Chirali Patel | Adam Smith | Brandon WyattModerated by, Phillip Neiman International Cannabis Bar Association and Sacramento County Bar Association, Cannabis Law Section Nonhemp cannabis is legal for cultivation, manufacture, sale and use under the medical programs of 36 states, the District of Columbia and several U.S. territories. More […]

CLE On-Demand – Emerging Markets: Adult-Use – The Newest States Taking it to a Higher Level

Now On-Demand Featuring: Andrea Steel |  Eliyahu Scheiman |  Rob DiPisa | Eric D Postow Eighteen states in the U.S., plus Washington, D.C. and Guam have legalized cannabis for adult-use, including four within the last few months: New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Virginia. Hear from a panel of legal experts in these emerging markets as they share their insight […]

On Demand CLE: Key Issues in Impact Cannabis Litigation

Available Here. Featuring: Shane Pennington |  Chelsie Spencer |  Ari Gerstin |  Tom Haren As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the frequency and scope of litigation and regulatory challenges increases. Join our litigators as we discuss considerations for cannabis litigation from pre-filing to trial, including issues such as forum and challenge bases. Our panelists will also discuss top cannabis cases […]

On-Demand CLE – Cannabis Regulation: The French Paradox

Available Here. Featuring: Jason Moscovici & Marie Sanchez While France is known as the second largest hemp producer in the world, it remains one of the less developed cannabis markets. Nevertheless with the launch of the pilot program on medical cannabis in March 2021 and the expected changes in the CBD regulation following the CJEU’s […]